2021 Legislation


Medicaid Reimbursement For Services By Pharmacists

Concerning reimbursement for pharmacists' services under the medical assistance act.


County Authority to Delegate Mill Levy Certification  

Concerning a board of county commissioners' optional delegation of the administrative duty to certify mill levies.


Money Support Agricultural Events Organization

Concerning monetary support for agricultural events in Colorado, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.


Delivering Health-care Services Through Telemedicine

Concerning the promulgation of rules by the department of health care policy and financing as it relates to entities that deliver services predominately through telemedicine.


Competitive Pharmacy Benefits Manager Marketplace

Concerning the creation of a competitive pharmacy benefits manager marketplace.


Medicaid Nursing Facilities Demonstration Of Need

Concerning medical assistance program requirements for nursing facilities, and, in connection therewith, establishing a demonstration of need.


Physician Assistant Collaboration And Reimbursement

Concerning physician assistants, and, in connection therewith, establishing requirements for health benefit plans concerning physician assistants, changing the relationship between a physician and a physician assistant from supervision to collaboration, and establishing collaboration requirements.


Local Government Authority Promote Affordable Housing Units

Concerning the ability of local governments to promote the development of new affordable housing units pursuant to their existing authority to regulate land use within their territorial boundaries.


Replace The Term Illegal Alien

Concerning replacing the term "illegal alien" with "worker without authorization" as it relates to public contracts for services.


Health-care Cost-sharing Consumer Protections

Concerning protections for consumers who participate in health-care cost-sharing arrangements.


Model Law Credit Extraterritorial Reinsurance 

Concerning additional means by which credit for reinsurance may be allowed to a domestic ceding insurer.