2019 Legislation


Youth Wellness Act

Concerning comprehensive human sexuality education.


Dental Services For Pregnant Women On Children's Basic Health Plan Plus

Concerning dental services for pregnant women covered under the children's basic health plan.


Freedom To Vote Act

Concerning the waiver of fees that a delegate to a party assembly may be required to pay to participate in the party assembly.


Lieutenant Governor Concurrent State Service

Concerning the appointment of the lieutenant governor to serve concurrently as the director of the office of saving people money on health care.


Distribute Plastic Straws Only Upon Request

Concerning a requirement that a retail food establishment only provide a single-use plastic beverage straw to a customer upon request of the customer.


School Discipline For Preschooler Through Second Grade

Concerning the discipline of preschool through second grade students enrolled in publicly funded education programs.


Modifications To Uniform Election Code

Concerning modifications to miscellaneous provisions of the "Uniform Election Code of 1992."


Denver Health Managed Care Organization Contracts With The Department Of Health Care Policy And Financing

Concerning the requirement for the department of health care policy and financing to contract with the managed care organization operated by Denver health and hospital authority until the managed care organization ceases to operate a medicaid managed care program.


Protect Colorado Residents From Federal Government Overreach

Concerning protecting Colorado's right to be free from certain federal mandates.


Hospital Community Benefit Accountability

Concerning requiring certain health care providers to be accountable to their communities.